Smart Cities in the Post-algorithmic Era new book

Smart Cities in the Post-algorithmic Era is an edited collection including 13 chapters written by M. Angelidou, A.-V. Anttiroiko, D. Bechtsis, F. Duarte, C. Kakderi, N. Komninos, I. Kompatsiaris, K. Kourtit, V. Loscri, N. Mitton, L. Mora, V. Moustaka, P. Nijkamp, J. Oskam, A. Özdemir, R. Petrolo, A. Panori, C. Ratti, A. Reid, H. Schaffers, I….

Smart Cities and Connected Intelligence new book

Smart Cities and Connected Intelligence is about digital and cyber-physical platforms that enable people, institutions and machines to connect, collaborate and resolve complex problems of the 21st century. Internet and world-wide-web platforms, big data analytics, software applications, social media and civic technologies, allow for the creation of smart ecosystems in which connected intelligence emerges and disruptive,…